This is high quality 7 Mil Copper Foil (.007) with a wide range of applications based on conductivity, corrosion resistance, workability, and beauty.

Copper Specifications

  • 7 Mil (.007 inch, approx 33 gauge) Rolled Copper Foil
  • 110-anneal (Electrolytic Tough Pitch or ETP, dead soft)
  • ASTM-B152
  • Min 99.9% CU

Key Features

  • Thinner than the thickness of two sheets of copier paper and sturdier than 5 Mil copper foil but retaining pliabilty.
  • Cuts with scissors or paper cutter.
  • Can be hammered, texturized or punched.
  • Used for many outside or inside projects.
  • A good substitute for 5 Mil when just a little more thickness is desired or on the other hand, a good substitute for 8 Mil when just a little more thinnest is required.