This is high quality 10 Mil Copper Foil (.01) has a wide range of applications based on conductivity, corrosion resistance, workability, and beauty.

Copper Specifications

  • 10 Mil (.010 inches, 30 gauge) Rolled Copper
  • 110-anneal (Electrolytic Tough Pitch or ETP, dead soft)
  • ASTM-B152
  • Min 99.9% CU

Key Features

  • Approximately 2.5 times thicker than a sheet of copier paper (.004").
  • Pliable enough to bend into 90-degree angles by hand yet holds its shape.
  • Cuts with heavy-duty scissors.
  • It can be hammered or texturized.
  • Used in many quality craftworks, such as, jewelry making, outdoor/garden projects, especially to protect wood.
  • Used in covering furniture or as an inset for wooden cabinets. Indoor waterfalls, sculpture, home, etc.