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1.4 Mil Copper Foils (.0014)

1.4 Mil (.0014 inch) Rolled Copper used extensively in electrical Applications. This is high quality copper foil and has a wide range of applications based on conductivity, corrosion resistance, workability, and beauty. Also known as "One Ounce Copper," due to the fact that one square foot weights 1 Ounce.

Copper Specifications

  • 110-anneal (Electrolytic Tough Pitch or ETP, dead soft)
  • ASTM-B152
  • Min 99.9% CU  

Key Features

  • Approximately 3 times as thick as average household aluminum foil (i.e., .0005") or approximately half the thickness of a sheet of copier paper (.004").
  • Easy to cut with scissors or paper cutter.
  • Does not tear by hand.
  • Dead soft, very pliable.
  • Thick enough, so when glued to a backing-board, wood grain does not show through.
  • Often used for punching, scrapbooking and other paper crafts.
  • Veneer work.
  • Has a wide range of applications based on workabilty and beauty.

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1.4 Mil Copper Foil Standard Rolls

Part Number Price
CR1.4/6-5 6 inches 5 ft $50.00
CR1.4/6-10 6 inches 10 ft $80.00
CR1.4/6-20 6 inches 20 ft $137.00
CR1.4/6-50 6 inches 50 ft $264.00
CR1.4/12-5 12 inches 5 ft $58.00
CR1.4/12-10 12 inches 10 ft $84.00
CR1.4/12-20 12 inches 20 ft $159.00
CR1.4/12-50 12 inches 50 ft $299.00
CR1.4/18-5 18 inches 5 ft $59.00
CR1.4/18-10 18 inches 10 ft $88.00
CR1.4/18-20 18 inches 20 ft $164.00
CR1.4/18-50 18 inches 50 ft $320.00

1.4 Mil Copper Foil Bulk Orders

Part Number Price

25 lb. roll

18 inches 257 ft $655.00

25 lb. roll

12 inches 385 ft $655.00

25 lb. roll

6 inches 770 ft $655.00

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